Welcome to my online portfolio. You can find my bio and my portfolio on this web site. I specialize in web-based applications and high performance search solutions. With decade of technical experience in architecting and building custom solutions, I will help you realize your vision in a very timely fashion. My expertise includes:

  • High performance search solution including big index with millions of records
  • Web-based solution including social networking features and merchandising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM)
  • iPad/iPhone development
  • Data-mining and data-warehousing


  • Languages: Java, PHP, Objective-C, Javascript, Python, Perl, Bash Shell Scripting
  • Frameworks/Tools: Struts, Spring, Symfony, Smarty, Doctrine, Propel, jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous
  • Databases: MySQL, Postgres
  • Search engines: Lucene, Solr, Bobo, Endeca

Recent clients

Created several social networking features such as invites, discussion, friendships and contests for virtual investing.
Technologies: Java, Struts, Tomcat, MySQL
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Created a search engine solution based on Solr/Lucene for very fast search and faceting capability for real estate search.
Technologies: Java, Struts, Tomcat, MySQL, Solr/Lucene
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Created a virtual directory solution for various industries to complement or replace physical trade shows.
Technologies: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Solr/Lucene
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Language International
Created custom solution for end-to-end sales force management.
Technologies: PHP, Symfony, MySQL
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