Ed Ng is a software engineer with decade of experience in building web-based applications. He started as a application consultant at Sapient Corporation who helped Fortune 500 companies building custom solutions. In 2003, he explored mobile development and started building applications on the Palm and tablet PC platforms. In following years, he joined Endeca and began building high performance search solutions and architected several applications with upward of tens of million of records. After he left Endeca, he ventured into helping start-up companies in the Cambridge, MA area architecting full features social networking web sites and high performance Lucene based search solutions. In 2009, he started building mobile applications on the iOS platform with a number of applications already rolled out for iPad and iPhone.

Ed is a huge supporter for open source software. He currently contributes to the Symfony project, a PHP application framework. He wrote a plugin, sfI18NGettextPluralPlugin, for it.

He is also a dad and a photographer who does photojournalistic style wedding and event photography for the Greater Boston area.